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Thank you very much joining with me in the interest of public,Safety and peace in the world.Most of my friends and followers are youngsters and good educated persons involving peace,Unity and safety amongst all communities in the world and accordingly we sought support from all of you to study and analyse the God's messages posted in the website www.goldenduas.com and same may be advertised all over the world on the reasons that every person are suffering,due to all kind of naturalcalamaties in the world.Unless God's messages posted in the website www.goldenduas.com are followed,otherwise No government and Scientist can safeguard life and liberity of the public of the all communities in the world according to Quranic verses 17:16 and 28:59.Internet services in the world and requesting support us to spread our website messages to each and every corner of the world to know and discuss by all the internet communities in the world. Holy Bible says: 1."Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves". - Matthew 10:16. 2."Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you". - Isaiah 35:4 Holy Quran says: 28:59. Nor was thy Lord the one To destroy a population until He had sent to its Centre An apostle, rehearsing to them Our Signs; nor are We Going to destroy a population Except when its members Practise iniquity. Our website http:www.goldenduas.com contains more information not only to avoid all kinds of natural calamities in the world but also to improve economic growths in business, education, employment, jobs, health, wealth, security, faith, climate changes (heavy snow,rain,heat etc),and causes unity and peace all over the world.Our service all over the world is a non-profitable service to all mankind and animals. Please check our homepage of the website to know our services. Otherwise, the public of the world will suffer due to all kind of natural calamities till the day of resurrection and also they will fail to improve in economy in businesses,unity,peace,education,health,wealth,security,faith and also climate changes. Your Success U.Ibrahim Ali Contact email: [email protected]



we conducted a survey that why christians and muslims are not

cooperating with each other in the world?we found the following


1.Christians are well educated and research scholars to research each

and every issues brought to them,but unfortunately satan occupying not

to apply their mind to analyse that how Jesus was killed and crucified

when God has given him five favours and one out of it is he brought

forth dead.

2.Jews are not accepting our prophet Jesus that they tried to kill

Jesus,but christians are following Jews and depend upon their advice.

3.Christians fail to realise Matthew 14:23 and Quranic verse 5:14 and

9:31 that And when he had sent the multitudes away,he went up into a

mountain apart to pray.if Jesus is God or a part of God then why did

he pray?

4.Christians are not interpreting Matthew 27:11-14 to mean that Jesus

wanted to die on the cross for the redemption of mankind and for the

forgiveness of their sins.if so,then why did he ask to turn away that

cup from him?why did hr cry out while on the cross?

5.Muslims are accepting Jesus as prophet and his mother Mary,but Jews

disbelief and uttering against Mary,a grave false charge(that she had

commited illegal sexual intercourse).

6.Muslims believe that Jesus was not killed and crucified by the Jews

as revealed in the holy Quran verse 4:157 and 158.

7.Most of Muslims in the world are not educated and innocent.some

leaders and organisations are misleading young Muslims to fight with

other communities as Jihad which is not recognised in the Quranic

verses 5:32,22:40,45:14 and they are termed as perverts in accordance

with Quranuc verse 2:99.

8.Christians failed to interpret Quranic verse 4:157 and158,5:14,5:82,7:158,

57:27 and 28 and 61:6 read with John 14:15-16,15:26-27,16:5-8,read

with Matthew 10:16.

9.In the above said submissions,it is humbly submitted that our

Christian pastors,fathers,monks,apostles,priests and ministers may be

pleased to analyse the issues in the interest of unity and peace in

the world to avoid all kind of natural disasters in the world as per

the Quranic verses 17:16 and 28:59.

please visit the website www.goldenduas.com

Your Success,

U.Ibrahim Ali.

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